Want a solution to cellulite?

By on January 19, 2017

What is Cellulite?

Firstly, let's banish that myth that only those overweight have cellulite. The fact of the matter is, anyone can get cellulite. Despite most women hating it, cellulite is a normal condition that occurs after puberty where fat deposits sit beneath the skin giving a lumpy and dimpled appearance. This is mainly around the thighs and bum area on women but can occur anywhere on the body. 

According to dermatologists, there are different types of cellulite:


Where the cellulite is firm and has the orange peel effect on the skin.


Fluid retention where there is soft cellulite on loose skin.


Where the cellulite is hard and compact, with the orange peel effect.

What Causes Cellulite?

It is reported that 95% of women have cellulite somewhere on their body. It can be hereditary too but forms mainly where there is less circulation, so the less activity the harder it is to get rid of. Other factors include dieting too much or too often, changes in the body's metabolism and hormones - estrogen is thought to aggravate and initiate cellulite more than any other hormone in the body.

What Helps?

There are three main solutions to help cellulite and these are just as important as each other. The first is diet; eating a healthy balanced diet provides your body with all it needs to function optimally. Cut down on processed and artificial foods that contain sugar, chemicals and other additives. Avoiding too much dairy and a high sugar diet will help reduce the orange peel effect.

The second is exercise, particularly energising and skin warming exercises like swimming, running and brisk walking. These exercises actually loosen the fat tissues and improve bloody circulation helping to budge the cellulite. If you are sitting at a desk or are inactive, take regular breaks and walk about to get your circulation moving.

The third is by applying cellulite treatments and products. These should be used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and exercise and can combine a range of treatments and products that can be applied at home and after exercise when they are better absorbed.

Body Strategist Cellulite, Slimming & Toning Treatments

We have a range of [comfort zone] Body Strategist cellulite, slimming and toning treatments and products that work to minimise the effects of cellulite leaving your skin feeling smoothed and toned. These intensive treatments are ideal for even the most resistant of cellulites and help improve circulation and promote remodelling of the body. Treatments include:

Detoxifying Aromatherapy Wrap

An intensive treatment using essential oils to help fight cellulite, with the immediate sensation of lightness. Perfect in combination with any detox programme or an ideal first treatment to start any anti-cellulite programme.

Bagni Di Pisa Thermal Mud Therapy

A draining and slimming treatment, containing thermal water from Bagni Di Pisa with slimming and detoxifying properties.

Thermogenic Attack Therapy

An intensive thermogenic treatment for resistant cellulite. Helps to improve the circulation and helps to promote the remodelling of the body.

Elasticizing and Toning Wrap

A replenishing treatment to help restore elasticity and tone, restoring the moisture balance leaving the skin soft, silky and toned. Ideal for dry, depleted skin and treatment in the presence of stretch marks.


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