To shampoo or not to shampoo?

By on May 29, 2017

Depending on who you ask will depend on the answer you'll get to that question.

How many times a week should you wash your hair? If your hair is greasier you'll probably wash it every day, whereas if you have drier hair you are more likely to leave it longer. How do you know what's best?

Well, we've got some expert advice from our stylists to answer that question and give you some more answers to commonly asked questions around shampooing your hair.

What does shampooing do?

Your hair products a natural oil which is called, sebum. Shampoo holds on to excess oil, dirt and any product residue in your hair which you then rinse out to clean the hair. Shampoo will also moisturise and act as a barrier to protect your skin and hair.

Should I do a double shampoo at home?

The simple answer is yes! The first shampoo cleans the hair and rinses out the excess oil, dirt and product residue. The second shampoo treats your hair. Always use a shampoo that is for your specific hair and scalp (if necessary) type. A stylist will easily be able to diagnose this for you at your appointment. Salon shampoo to buy isn't for the benefit of the salon, but for you! Salon shampoos are formulated more specifically for individual hair types and why you always feel that your hair looks and feels amazing when you use them!

How often should I shampoo my hair?

Unfortunately, there is not one magic number. It depends on your hair type, your lifestyle and environment and ultimately your preference. Some people just don't like styling their hair from wet to dry every day, whereas others feel it an absolute necessity!

What we can tell you though is the less you shampoo your hair, the less you will need to. Avoid over styling and limit the number of products you use. Ultimately, try to reduce the number of times a week you shampoo your hair. 

Who should shampoo daily?

Again there is no hard and fast rule but if you have a very oily scalp you will most likely find it beneficial to shampoo your hair daily.  If you have very fine hair, exercise and sweat a lot you may also find you shampoo your hair daily.

My brown hair looks dull, why is this?

If you have brown hair and have found that it goes 'mousey' looking dull, you may be shampooing too often which is drying out your hair. This draws out the pigment giving a dull look. Try reducing to shampooing your hair to twice a week and you will find the shine returns. 

Ask your stylist!

Don't forget your stylist has expert advice at your fingertips! Make the most of them.