Refer a Friend

By on June 27, 2016

Yes, we mean it! As an Obsession client, you can have free shampoo for life!

Simply refer a friend to Obsession and when they have their first appointment, you get your prescription shampoo free and what's great is your friend gets a shampoo too!

If you were to refer friends regularly you could end up never paying for shampoo again.

Your consultation card has a tear off section on the right that you complete and give to your friend. If you don't have yours, speak to your stylist the next time you come in and then hand the tear off card to your friend. 

When you come into Obsession, your stylist will advise you on the best shampoo to care for your hair. This is known as your 'prescription shampoo' and is usually written by your stylist on your consultation card. When you refer a friend you will receive a full retail size bottle of this shampoo.