Decleor Facials are getting rave reviews!

By on December 18, 2017

Decleor have featured so much in press around the world recently! Their treatments and products are literally transformational.

We are delighted to have added a whole new range of Decleor facials recently and there is literally something for everyone, no matter what your skin needs. 

One of our clients who recently had the Moisture Bright facial wrote:

"At 45, my skin concerns focus around fine lines, ageing and dull skin. Unless I have a tan I can't really go without foundation because my skin tone is uneven and I'm conscious of puffy eyes as well. 

For these reasons the Moisture Bright facial seemed a good choice and I had read very good things about Decleor Aromessence and White Petal (which are used in the facial) in a magazine recently. I also added on the Vital Eyes treatment. 

What is unique about this treatment is that it begins with a back massage. It really relaxes you from the outset and sets you up for the facial. The treatment bed was heated and I felt like I was miles away from where I actually was! It was so relaxing, I loved it. 

The deep cleanse was a sensation and the exfoliation was quite unusual in that previously I have found exfoliating treatments to be a bit harsh on my skin. This was completely different and almost comforting because it felt soft and heavy on my skin. The massage techniques were relaxing but firm and energising too. I could actually feel my face firming and smoothing during the treatment, especially around my forehead area. 

While the mask was left on I had a hand and arm massage which was just divine. My arms actually felt longer! I also enjoyed the shoulder massage around the decollette area which was part of the facial as well. 

The Vital Eye treatment was fantastic, where rice paper was placed under my eyes. With water this then became like a serum and the results were amazing! 

I left literally feeling like a new woman. Usually when I have had a facial I will leave looking a bit of a mess having had my hair pulled off my face and no makeup but I  couldn't believe how amazing I looked. Everyone commented on how fresh and bright my face looked! When I touched my skin it was so soft and smooth and the lines on my forehead were literally not visible. The skin under my eyes and my skin tone were even and my face felt plumper and so much firmer.

I would highly recommend the new Decleor facials - because the massage techniques are different from normal facials, the results are amazing. I will definitely be having one on a regular basis."

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